August 2, 2010

The Movement of God (Series Intro)

God is moving on Earth today, and God has been moving on Earth for a very long time.  But wait.  Let's back up.  Waaaaaay up.

Before "time and space", there might not have been space, but there was definitely time.  That may be why God wanted physical space - because God likes to MOVE.  He had all kinds of time to Himself, and yet no place to go.

The potential for movement and change had to be one of God's motives for creation.

To express that more deeply:  One reason God created the physical universe is because God is Movement.  That is, Movement expresses an aspect of Who and What God IS.  Or, to put that another way, God moves, and since moving is something God does on the Earth, then there must be something dynamic about the very nature and character of the one who (also) does not change.

To sum up:  God moves.  From before creation up to right now, in physical and mysterious ways, God has been moving.  And one reason God moves on the Earth is because God wants to see human beings learn how to move like He moves.  Or, you might say, God wants to move us, and God wants us to move - preferably as an US, too.  Corporate motion is another key part of this picture.

Movements come and movements go, in our human experience, but the best Movements are always those being generated by the Mover himself.

So let's look at The Movement of God.


Josh L said...

So, brother, what would you say is the movement of God in our day?

Bill Heroman said...

It is no human movement, Josh. That much is sure. But I do believe that God is moving straightly forward, and that he will be faithful to His Purpose.

I think you're gonna like this series. Thanks for the question.

Andrew Gartshore said...

I think I'm going to love this series!

Bill Heroman said...

Well, good! :-)

I'm spacing it out, so everyone can keep up.

Josh L said...

That's good. We're pretty slow sometimes.

Bill Heroman said...

Ha! I mean so you're not too busy.

Wise guy. ;-)

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