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Here's an alphabetical list of posts about persons named in the New Testament and other historical figures who were active between 9 BCE and about 70 CE. My central focus is to reconstruct the first century as a collection of stories, and I strongly believe biographical orientation makes the vast assortment of material much easier to learn and retain. Most of these posts were written before 2013, but there is (hopefully) much more to come.

Some general topics appear below this alphabetical-biographical list.

The complete archive of all posts since 2005 is in the sidebar at right. 

Antipas, Tetrarch of Galilee
Did Galilean Anti-Imperialism really exist? (Nov, 2012)
Herod Antipas' Mint (OR) Why Herodian Coinage helps date John the Baptist's arrest (Aug, 2010)
Did Jesus escape extradition in John 4:1? (Jan, 2011)
Herod Antipas' Army (Jan, 2010)
Antipas' "Birthday" after Purim (Dec, 2008)
John the Baptist and Sejanus - 1 (Nov, 2008)
The Baptist and Sejanus (2) - Half my Kingdom (Dec, 2008)
The Baptist and Sejanus (3) - Political Risk (Dec, 2008)
The Baptist and Sejanus - 4 (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist and Sejanus - 5 (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist and Sejanus - 6  (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist and Sejanus - 7 (Mar, 2009)
Antipas and Sejanus (July, 2008)

Archelaus, Ethnarch of Judea

Paul's First Shipwreck (Mar, 2011)
Appointing Elders: Barnabas vs. Paul (Sept, 2009)
Logistics of Famine Relief in 43 AD (Aug, 2008)

Why did Paul write Romans? (Aug, 2010)
See also below: Paul in Damascus and Arabia (Nabatea)

Annas & Gamaliel (Oct, 2008)

Herod the Great
The Arbitrated Division of Herod, Inc. (Jan, 2013)
Give up on 1 BC (Nov, 2009)

Herod's Temple in Jerusalem
Twenty Questions for Leen Ritmeyer (Dec, 2011)
Mis-Dating Herod's Temple (Repost, Feb, 2011)
A Common Error: Dating Herod's Temple (Oct, 2009)
Quarry Time on Herod's Temple (July, 2009)
A Tiny Bit of 2nd Century Paving (Aug, 2008)
No Temple Pavement (July, 2008)
The Temple Courtyard (May, 2008)
Prep Work plus 46 Years (May, 2008)

Herodias, wife of Antipas
What kind of dancer was Salome? (Mar, 2011)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Part 1 (July, 2010)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Part 2 (July, 2010)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Part 3 (July, 2010)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Part 4 (July, 2010)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Part 5 (Aug, 2010)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Part 6 (Aug, 2010)
Herodias, Queen of Galilee: Conclusions (Aug, 2010)

James, the Lord's Brother
The Intentional Ambiguity of James' Epistle (Feb, 2012)
Certain Men from James/Judea (Oct, 2011)
Furniture & Location in James 2:3 (Feb, 2010)
Galatians goes AFTER Acts 15 (Nov, 2009) (Cf. Index on Paul)
Perspective on James, Not New Enough (Sep, 2009)
James' Seeker Friendly Epistle (Apr, 2009)
The Letter of Acts 15 (Mar, 2009)
James' Epistle, c.AD 52 (part 3.5) (Mar, 2009)
James' Epistle, c.AD 52 (part 3) (Feb, 2009)
James' Epistle, c.AD 52 (part 2) (Feb, 2009)
James' Epistle, c.AD 52 (part 1) (Feb, 2009)
Luke's Written Sources - 1 (Jan, 2009)

Jesus of Nazareth

I believe the Gospels "echo" Jesus' so-called "silent years" through evidence reflecting on his earlier life in Nazareth. As of 2009 I had blogged 93 times about Nazareth (over 20,000 words), and these are some of the highlights. The most critical links are enlarged in bold. Enjoy.

Dealing with Nazareth 1234566.17, ...
The Nazareth Synagogue 1234567891011121314
Dealing with Nazareth 7.5, (summarizing the above) 89
Reflections of Nazareth 12
The Promise of Nazareth 12
Eden... Nazareth... Thessalonica...
Reconstructing Spiritual Events
Reconstructing Nazareth
Jesus, in Nazareth, in the Spirit
The Most Challenging Miracles
Johannine Historiography
12 Bodyguards at the Nazareth Synagogue
Law and Love
SupperMan? SuperPuppet? SuperFan.
Jesus on the Mount
The Joys of Jesus
Historiography on the Gospels
Psyche & Spirit, in Historiography
Envisioning Nazareth from Matt.6

There will, undoubtedly, be much more to come..

John the Baptizer
A Dynamic Event: John's Imprisonment (Feb, 2010)
The Baptist & Sejanus - 7 (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist & Sejanus - 6 (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist & Sejanus - 5 (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist & Sejanus - 4 (Mar, 2009)
The Baptist & Sejanus (3) Political Risk (Dec, 2008)
The Baptist & Sejanus (2) Half my Kingdom (Dec, 2008)
Life Spent Preparing (a poem, Dec, 2008)
John the Baptist & Sejanus - 1 (Nov, 2008)

Lysanias, Tetrarch of Abilene
Galilee and other Pocket Regions (Nov, 2008)
Abilene in 32 AD (Nov, 2008)
Abilene and Herod Antipas (Nov, 2008)
Abilene - Index & Update (Nov, 2008)

Paul of Tarsus

A chronological study of Paul's ministry was my original impetus for this entire first century project. The sub-topics below proceed geographically according to Paul's journeys.

Paul in General
How old was Paul of Tarsus?" (Nov, 2012)
Paul was Kingdom Centered, Just like Jesus (Dec, 2010)

Did Paul's Rhetorical Skills Develop? (Dec, 2009)
Paul's Letters - Does their Sequence Matter? (Nov, 2009)
Pauline Chronology (Nov, 2009)

Paul in Damascus and Arabia (Nabatea)
Paul's Arabia (or) Nabatea and the New Testament (Feb, 2010)
Dating Paul's Conversion (Sept, 2009)
Fleeing Damascus Again! (March, 2009)
Dangers in Arabia (See also: Mental Files) (June, 2008)
Saying Goodbye (Fictional) (May, 2008)

Paul Fled Damascus Twice (Fictional) (May, 2008)
Aretas and Damascus - Discussion (May, 2008)

Paul's Antioch Years
The Linchpin of Galatian Chronology (July, 2012)

Titus and Galatia (Jan, 2011)
Judaism & Ritual (Jan, 2011)
Situating Galatians - Early, Southern, after the Council (June, 2010)

Titus, Who Was With Me (May, 2009)
The Letter of Acts 15 (Mar, 2009)
Paul's Big Visit to Jerusalem - 1 (Feb, 2009)
Paul's Big Visit to Jerusalem - 2 (Feb, 2009)
Logistics of Famine Relief in 44 43 AD (Aug, 2008)

Paul's Aegean Experimenting
Titus and Troas (or) Paul's Developing Ecclesiology (Jan, 2011)
Paul and the Peloponese (Feb, 2010)

Appointing Elders: Barnabas vs. Paul (Sept, 2009)
Paul's Roman Era
Appeal to Nero? To Nero you will go!" (Nov, 2012)

How Many Shipwrecks? (Sept, 2009)

There will, eventually, be much more to come..

Did Judas let Peter into Caiphas' house? (Aug, 2012)
The Circumcision Party (Jan, 2012)
No Spirit for Eunuchs (or Gentile widows, apparently) (Dec, 2011)
Phileo beats Agape (Feb, 2011)
Did Peter Follow John the Baptist? (Jan, 2011)
Peter and Cornelius (Mar, 2010)
Can we question Peter, please? (Mar, 2010)
Did Peter visit Corinth? (Feb, 2010)
Jesus Separates from Peter (Feb, 2010)

The Homanadensian War (Nov, 2011)
Quirinius is Fascinating (Feb, 2011)
Quirinius is Irrelevant (Aug, 2010)
Did Luke Err on Quirinius? Does it Matter? (Dec, 2009)
Quirinius, Again (Nov, 2009)
Quirinius and my U-Haul (Jun, 2008)

Stephen as Scapegoat, Scattering as Ingathering (Sep, 2011)
The Scapegoat and the Scattering (Sep, 2010)
Stephen's Day of Atonement (May, 2010)
Stephen's Real Bias (Mar, 2010)
Chronology of Acts 1-9 (Mar, 2010)
Situating Stephen's Speech at Yom Kippur (Mar, 2010)
Situating Stephen's Speech - 1 (Mar, 2010)
Why are the Ushpizing so fitting for Sukkot? (Mar, 2010)

The Historical Jesus-birth-census (Dec, 2012)
Chronology of the Nativity (July, 2010)
A decree went out in those days... (Dec, 2009)
A Historic Nativity - We Can Do Better (Apr, 2009)

Tiberius the Wannabe Non-Leader
Luke 3:1 - The Fifteenth Year (Sept, 2008)
Luke 3:1 - The Rule of Tiberius (Sept, 2008)
September 17, 14 AD (Sept, 2008)

See Paul, above.

=========End Alpha-Biographical List // Begin General Categories===========

First Century Jews, Generally
Did the Rulers of the Jews "lord-it-over" their people? (May, 2012)
Hebrew Literacy was Communal (Mar, 2012)
Anti-Semites must love the term "Jesus' Silent Years" (Aug, 2011)
More on early churches and synagogues (Apr, 2010)
Early Churches, Early Synagogues (Mar, 2010)
The Rabbis of Nazareth (Mar, 2010)
Luke Liked Most Jews (Mar, 2010)
Racism and Geography (Mar, 2010)
Overlording: Inherently non-Jewish? (Jan, 2010)
Ancient Jewish House found in Nazareth (Dec, 2009)
How Jewish was Galilee? (Aug, 2009)

Miscellaneous Jews: Judeans and/or Galileans
The Original 'Old Wineskin' (July, 2010)
John Mark's Memory - 2 (Mar, 2009) 
Not a Strong General (Germanicus, Sept, 2008)
Little Q's in 57 AD (Jun, 2008)

For several strictly chronological posts, click the "Timelines" tab, at the top of the page.

More general categories to come, anon...

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