February 22, 2012

Can we "Flip Church"?

These days, teachers everywhere are flipping their classrooms, via the internet. For two really quick explanations of what this means, see here, or here. Basically, students view lectures at home and come together in class for assignments. Brilliant, right? Sure do wish I could try it in TX (sorry, different topic) but here's why I mention the flipped classroom today.

After watching this very touching video at Scot McKnight's blog today, I'm starting to wonder if traditional church might be viable flipping as well. It's a new idea to me, and a very intriguing one. Of course, in some ways, this is already happening. And yet, it should also produce something more than a 'book club' (if you know what I mean).

To be clear, the priest who cancelled all their mid-week stuff has flipped things in one way, and I'm talking about flipping things in a slightly different way, but these ideas dovetail in a beautiful way I won't try and explain.

See what you think. Then see what you can do. Then come teach it to us.

Or, in other words, flip away.

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