February 15, 2012

What I'm Reading These Days

This is probably going to surprise you.

For the rest of my life, I'll still think of myself as a Math Teacher, but for whatever reason I've been unable to land a new contract in a preferred district, and two years of subbing and networking is long enough. Therefore, I decided before Christmas it was definitely time to start a whole new career, and after some study I settled on apartment leasing/management. [Key facts: I enjoy first impressions - like, a lot a lot - and facilitating transitions, and also fostering community.]

Anyway, I've been researching the business for a few weeks and the big news is I landed my first temp-to-hire position today. Even better, the place seems like it might be a good long term fit, in a company with room and potential for growth. Maybe someday I'll make manager somewhere, or maybe I'll be happier leasing for several years. Time will tell. For now, I'm just happy this new beginning has solid footings, at last. The money won't compare for quite a while, but a restart is a restart. Whattayagunnado?

Now, my dear NT/History Blog readers, aside from the obvious personal interest, here's why I consider this blog-worthy.

It's ironically counter-intuitive, and maybe a bit optimistic, but even without summer vacation I actually expect that I may wind up with more spare time [read: spare brain energy] for these academic pursuits. That is, I will in a few months, once I've learned the ropes enough to have my mind free outside work hours. Teaching High School was/is just in my blood, but the job's particular demands (and long hours) often used up that part of my brain for the day, and sometimes wore me out intellectually for a month at a stretch. By making my day job less academic, my hope is to split time and improve both types of brain functioning.

Social by day and anti-social by night.* That's the plan.

*No, not all nights, of course. I do spend some time with my family. Honestly!

Stay tuned...

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