March 17, 2010

Reading, with Gratitude

This week: James Dunn and A.-J. Levine. Respectively, Beginning from Jerusalem and The Misunderstood Jew. Specifically, I've been picking through Dunn very selectively, and I alternate between reading A-J straight through, re-reading, skipping ahead, and skipping all around.

Both authors have already been, and will continue to be, informing and sharpening my thinking in my writing this month about Acts 1-11. But the hoi polloi needs to know that the main stream of observations and thoughts which led to these posts came to me years ago. I also want to acknowledge, with gratitude, what these scholars have given me.

Things I've wondered if I was looney about, I feel much more confident about. Likewise, things I've assumed nobody said before, not even Dunn's massive survey has come across. But they're challenging me in places, as well. Without question. And wonderfully.

Now, to write...

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