August 20, 2016

Exegesis before Historicity

If you'd like to keep up with Christopher Skinner's serial review of Brant Pitre's Jesus and the Last Supper, here's a timeline to use as a checklist. I will update as possible. Skinner's reviews are appearing at Crux Sola with Pitre's responses posting at Jesus Blog. I've interjected myself with one post here so far. A lot of interesting stuff has been happening in the comments of all these posts, as well.

Aug. 12 - Pitre's Second Response
Aug. 12 - Heroman's Interjection
Aug. 13 - Skinner's Response to Pitre

This is a really important conversation, imho, partly because it's been so challenging - for Skinner and Pitre themselves, not to mention the rest of us - and partly because Historical Jesus studies are at a crossroads, and Pitre's new book offers a fascinating cross section of something old and something new.

We are patiently awaiting much more...

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