June 21, 2005

My Spirit

This is a poem I wrote years ago. Because of the rythm, it comes back to mind every so often, so I was "reworking the joints" a bit this morning. Here it is.


There is, in me, a sensing
that can tell the up from down,
the Jesus from the me.

It makes a way to walk confidently
within the light I have, however dark
the road may seem to be.

I feel it spark in me
again, and know!
that Christ, in me, is real..

This is the way we cannot see
but is, to other senses,
clear and stark.

I never learned to use my sense
of smell. It happens
accidently, some. My nose
would work; I never practiced!

Even so: a new creation
may not be so well
accustomed to new senses...
yet, she grows!

My spirit learns,
till Christ is all I know.


Mike Morrell said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Bill- I loved this one..........

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