February 15, 2006

The Early Church

Anyone remember this "Revolution"? (Around 1974? Btw, I was born in '74!!!)

I promise, it's MUCH better than the new "Revolution" that's so talked about these days. This Revolution was about the Church! (The preface alone can change your life!) Here's a small piece:

God once sent a man into Judea shouting to all, "Repent, get ready, for the Lord is about to come." His name was John the Baptist. The world lay in darkness; it was not ready for Jesus Christ. But God was not waiting for the world to get ready for Him! God had a burning desire for man to know what He was really like, and He was anxious to have something on earth He could point to and say, "This is like me."

What was it God wanted?

As you read the New Testament it becomes obvious. It was not the Christ of the flesh, but a greater Christ. It was Christ in His church! This combination turned the world upside down... The first century wasn't ready to meet Christ. Of course, the 20th Century feels that it has met the Lord. But is it ready for the Church... (?)

There is nothing like meeting Jesus Christ. Nothing! Meeting Him is a life-changing experience. Meeting His church which is Him, expressed on the earth today, is no less exciting and life-changing! The church you read about on these pages - bold, exciting, victorious and full of life - is still the desire of God's heart today.

And whosoever will, may come... Glory to our Lord.

"What was it God wanted?"

"A greater Christ."

"Of course, the 20th Century feels that it has met the Lord."

Can you remember knowing Him... or thinking you did... and then coming to know him in a deeper, more aware, more real way? It's like crossing a threshold, or removing a veil. You think you know Him. Then you know Him. Suddenly, one day, it's just HIM. (Do you know what that's like?) Many christians know Him... before they Know Him.

After all the comments on my last post, I remembered: Knowing "church" is like that, too.

In 1995 in Baton Rouge I was reading books about the church and feeling excited about the organizations I was part of and the people I knew... I mean, it was all I KNEW... so of COURSE I thought that's what the church was. The twenty-seven christians I saw from time to time. Usually. Or Sometimes. (I mean come on! What else was there?) And I was right - in a sense. It really was "church" - to a degree. And then, one day, I read this book from Seedsowers... (!) And then soon after I was driving across the country to visit a CHURCH... (!) And there really are no words to explain or describe what I SAW. It's just like: How does anyone even know what "green" is... until somebody shows them GREEN while they're saying that word?

It's like the difference between a bread, ketchup & velveeta melt... and a stacked Chicago Deep Dish Pizza! (But both are "pizza".)

It's like the difference between finding a nice hotel during a looong road trip... and coming home to the nice mansion your whole family lives in! (But both are "rest".)

It's like the difference between sitting in the arena up by the rafters... and having floor seats right next to the action! (But either way, you're "at the game".)

It's like the difference between having a first crush... and feeling fully in love with a wonderful person, on your wedding day! (But every young girl with the first crush really thinks that she knows what "love" is. And she does... in a way.)

You know what you know.

But there's MORE you don't Know...

Till you KNOW!

Ya Know? :)

What WE have heard
What WE have seen with OUR eyes
What WE have looked at
And touched with OUR hands
concerning this MANIFESTED Word of Life...
WE declare to you, that you might have

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