February 6, 2006


A lot of people like to say there are two kinds of "Christianity" – the Grace kind and the Law kind. But that’s not true. There aren’t two. There are three.

There are people who follow the Law.
There are people who follow their lusts.
There are people who follow the Lord.

Most Christians have been in (or at least been to) all three groups. We all say we hope to live in the Lord. Some claim "Grace". Some claim "Law". And each of those two groups often accuses the other.

Now, the Law group is afraid to be caught by their own lusts. And the lust group is afraid to be judged by the Law. Or by someone’s law. Or by any law at all. But the interesting thing is that they both tend to see what they fear. They both, often, accuse other christians of being in the group they don't like.

Jewish Christians (in the Synagogues that James wrote to) accused Paul’s saints of using their freedom to sin. Gentile Christians who gave themselves as slaves to sin were loved but gently rebuked by Paul’s saints – but a few left the fellowship. And don’t you know those folks accused Paul of being a Pharisee still? They did. (Some still do.)

But the truth is there are many ways of the flesh. Serving lust is of the flesh. And serving Law is of the flesh. Living in fear of either one reveals a lack of Faith in Him. (Faith may as well equal “focus” you know, and Fear is “focus” too.) But Paul said that “the Righteous Man” will live by Faith.

And I say: there’s only One Righteous Man… but here is the mystery: He DOES live by Faith. He IS Faith. And He is MY faith. He is neither the Law to me, nor freedom to sin. What do I need rules or sin for? I have Him!!! And that's True Freedom! And He Himself is my only Law!

And I live here, as part of Him here. And we love Him. We LOVE Him. We love HIM!


And Praise God… Thank You, Lord… we don't have to be slaves to our "freedom". And we're sure there's no Law against You! :)


Home Is Where The Heart Is! said...

That is one Awesome blog Brother.
Have you been dipping into Romans again?

Keep on being The True You...there is no one like you.

Loving you more than you'll know, Your Sis Annette

Goody said...

Yes! Only he can live the christian life! Great blog!

Mrs Zeke said...

I think you went over my head, don't worry its not hard.
Are we not to do are best to follow the law and when we fail we fall on grace? am I missing concept?
Sorry if I am requesting you explain more then intended.

Love now tomorrow is not promised to anyone

Bill Heroman said...

'Nette - I hope "Romans" is dipping more into me! Either way, that's a high compliment! Thanks for the props! I won't let it go to my... "poof"! Too late.

Goody - Amen. Luf ya!

MZ - We've all been through the cycle of trying, failing, and falling on Grace. Praise the Lord, how He uses that cycle to bring us closer to Him. Hopefullly a bit closer every time.

Try. Fail. Fall. Him.
Try. Fail. Fall. Him.

There's nothing wrong with that.

I'm just saying, why not skip the first three steps? :)

Mrs Zeke said...

Ill skip them if you do ...:)but just this once

Anonymous said...

Try. Fail. Fall. Him.
"Skip the first three steps."

Love it, brother... good stuff

Bill Heroman said...

By the way, everybody, the day's half over, and already I've had three occasions where I tried sometihng, failed at it, and fell on Him. And you know, as always, it was really refreshing to escape into Him, for those moments, away from the struggle, and feel the stress slipping away (well, diminishing at least! :)


I ALSO want you all to know I had two or three OTHER moments today when I just went to Him... just because I wanted to go to Him.

And those moments were really nice, too.

Remember, Y'all, He is as close as His Name.

Lord Jesus...

J said...

Good one Bill.
"we are not slaves to our freedom".
rue freedom is being free from needing to be so. If my freedom does nothing more then to cause you to stumble then I will willingly give it up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, Bill. I am fed! I want Him!

SteveW said...

Good thoughts. Except in our minds there arn't twos or threes anymore. There is only HIM. The reality of us all being one in Him, the "I AM" and in the Father is the reality of His grace. I just pray that minds continue to be renewed in that knowledge.


Bill Heroman said...

Amen, Steve! :)

All believers are truly one in Him. Even if I choose to follow my lust or the Law today, I'd still be one with Him.

There is only one Him!

Thanks - great comment.

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