October 27, 2008

Friday is "Reformation Day"

This Halloween, it's been 491 years since that German Monk named Marty grabbed his hammer and changed the history of christendom. It took less than a hundred years for the Roman authorities to admit he was right. Today, neither protestants nor catholics believe you can pay a special fee to get into Heaven. Hooray! Three cheers for Martin Luther!

In honor of "Reformation Day", George Barna is offering a sale on copies of Pagan Christianity. Barna helped Frank Viola revise the book, which says that most of what Protestants do, that they claim is purely based on scripture, has other origins. Once again, it may take a hundred years before institutional christendom is able to deal with this. So why not be ahead of the curve? :) Get the book, if you haven't already. And share it with your friends.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It's fine with me if christians stay in organized religion. But believers should at least find out the truth about why we all do what we do... because it just isn't honest or true to say certain things are "scriptural" (when they're not).

And now, with that said, I return you to your costume carnivals and candy fests. ;)

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