January 4, 2009

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Adrian Murdoch continues discussing the 2000th anniversary of Varus' defeat. Dorothy King's ongoing research on Gaius Marius reminds me this stuff takes forever. Roger Pearse asks if "6-10 sesterces" was expensive or not, for an ancient book. David Ker says I'm Emily Dickinson, not Oprah. (What a relief!) Like him or not, George F. Will is awesome. Every single time. Chris Tilling likes books I might like, but wants to do weird things to them. Nick Norelli quotes people too brainy to say such wonderful things more simply. (The scriptures were God's word to people. Now how hard was that? ;) My dear wife, Sarah, sums up 2008 with her hopes for 2009. Ferrell Jenkins, my favorite virtual travel guide, posted a cool photo of a Jordan River waterfall! John Hobbins fooled me (too) with a very clever fake post about Wikipedia. (Can you say ironic?) Lou's giving away free books, but we keep crossing wires on getting together. Alan Lenzi reminded me (darn him) why I can't seem to ever follow Dr. Johnson's advice. James Spinti had a great comment on finding the Lord in our studies. (Amen.) Todd Bolen did a top 8 list for Bible-related archaeology finds of 2008. Frank Viola introduced me to an iconoclastic seminarian? (Dare we dream?) And last but oh-so-not least, Ken Schenck keeps writing uber-long posts like this really good one on how the Protestant Reformation eventually led to a new "priesthood of Biblical Scholars". Absolutely fascinating. Makes me feel like I need to be involved. Or at least, somebody does! ;)

Wish you had time to read them all? So do I. And then some...

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