May 12, 2009

A Modest Proposal

IF the Gospel stories about Jesus Christ may be accurately called biography... and IF the chronological details within them are accurate... THEN we may attempt to reconstruct an historical event sequence from them. I believe that we, as believers, have a responsibility to stand on and work from this collossal IF. By trusting these scriptural documents and the testimony of the church through the centuries, we may confidently proclaim: The Story of Jesus is History.

In compliment to this view, I agree, it is patently wrong to assert as factual any details that honesty demands we admit are unprovable. This is extremely important because, sadly, overzealous apologetics can instigate more reactive doubt than receptive faith. On the other hand, we should not compromise our faith to make God more attractive to outsiders. If unbelievers are to be convinced, then I pray, Dear God, let it be only by the power of the Holy Spirit calling them into the household of faith. (Not that a healthy, vibrant, mature church is so easy to find; but nevertheless, Lord, let it one day be so.)

Meanwhile, what is this strangely ironic affliction, that communication with unbelievers seems to hold the primary and controlling interest over the goals of our faith-based research?

Who came up with that dumb idea?!?!?

Let's get rid of it. Shall we?

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Anonymous said...

Let's do!

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