May 15, 2009

Amen, Professor

Dutch Historian Jona Lendering wrote this today on the New at LacusCurtius & Livius Blog:
"The historian’s first task is to get the sequence of events right. The more important issues, like explaining the events and explaining their significance, must wait until the chronology has been established."
As nobody will be shocked to hear, I absolutely LOVE this statement. Of course, my feeling is that New Testament Chronology has not yet been established in full. That's one reason I don't pay too much attention to theology. The entire world of Biblical Scholarship is still in transition because, a few decades ago, somebody pointed out the apostle Paul was never a Lutheran! That proves that History trumps. Events tend to dictate the value we 'give' to them.

But theology isn't the only area where anachronism is affecting christendom today. Ecclesiology is at an enormous crossroads, and most protestants are still defending the practices of reformed catholocism as "biblical". Heh. (sigh) It's not hard to see the church-at-large is flailing a bit. But so what? What am _I_ doing to make a positive contribution? How am I trying to become part of the solution?

I'm working on chronology. Hope it (eventually) helps.

We shall see...

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