July 16, 2009

Busting My Book Buying Budget

I've just ordered the last four books I can afford to buy for a while. Brandon Wason's recomendation, plus three others:

Historiography And Self-definition: Josephos, Luke-acts, And Apologetic Historiography - Gregory E Sterling
Jesus the Radical: A Portrait of the Man they Crucified - R. T. France
The Chronological Life of Christ - Mark E. Moore
Life of Christ - Fulton J. Sheen

They'll all be here Tuesday. It will be interesting to see how the last three stack up in the categories of academic quality, historical reconstruction and faithfulness to scripture. I liked France's 1980's article about chronology, so I'm looking forward to that one especially. And maybe when I'm done reading Sterling, Brandon will comment again. :-)

I've got one more "Biblical Studies" book to post about before Tuesday and then I'll wrap up that series. Sigh. Sometimes I feel like such a libcalib dusties sliclexid.

Oh, well. ;)

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