January 5, 2010

Job (Perk) Hunting

When Babe Ruth pitched for the Boston Red Sox, he only got up to bat every third or fourth game. Traded to the Yankees, who didn't need pitching, the Great Bambino began playing outfield, which meant he now batted in every game. Thus, Babe Ruth became famous. He'd never have hit all those home runs as a pitcher.

While Albert Einstein was conducting the independent research which, once published, changed the world many times over, the great thinker was also earning day wages as an office clerk. He certainly had the intelligence to be employed more gainfully, but his mind had to be more free after hours. Few besides Einstein have showed just what a powerful combination those two things can be: 'mind' and 'free'.

I myself am not yet so great and have not yet changed the world greatly, but Babe Ruth and Einstein are on my mind today for one reason. My half-year research sabbatical is officially over, which means I'm job hunting in earnest again - substitute teaching, and networking through next year's hiring season. Whatever contract I take next will affect what kind of time I'm able to keep in my office, and how much mental energy I've got left at the end of a day.

Archimedes said leverage is more crucial than power. My track coach said relays are won on the efficiency of team exchanges. Brief stops on road trips cut time much better than speeding. It's all transition. It's all margin. I'm budgeting energy.

We shall see. Work is work, but I'll keep writing (and blogging) as much as I'm able. Meantime, if you know anybody with pull in the teaching world, around here, I wouldn't mind hearing you've put in a good word. High School Honors Geometry is my first choice, but then, whose wouldn't be? ;-)


A. Amos Love said...

"Meantime, if you know anybody with pull
in the teaching world, around here,
I wouldn't mind hearing you've put in a good word."

Lord Jesus, would you please find Bill a teaching job
teaching about points, lines, surfaces, volume, space, solids, and higher dimensional analogs.

Oh yea. And allow him to be "free"
to write and blog.


Thank you Jesus...

Bill Heroman said...

Thats a good prayer, brother.
Amen indeed.

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