February 23, 2010

Does Living Water "seek its own level"?

This is a bit philosophical for me, but I was just reading skimming Daniel Kirk's longish post on Douglas Campbell's massive book about Romans, so blame them! Anyway, here's the question:

God said, "Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated." Pontius Pilate said, "What I have written, I have written." And a lot of human beings have figured out a lot of instances in which certain things just only work in certain ways. And while I don't have any idea what the arguments are about God, Jacob & Esau - I think I heard once that Calvinists have some strong ideas about that one - all I'm wondering is this:

What if God was simply saying, after the fact, "It is what it is."(?)

I really don't know. Maybe not. Maybe Jacob was simply chosen. Maybe Jacob was simply a divine exercise in nature vs. (divine, long term) nurture. Maybe it was just like what the Duke Brothers did to poor Dan Aykroyd that one time. Or maybe... maybe God could just look inside both young men as they were developing and see which of Isaac's sons was going to be more suitable for loving, for a lifetime, by God's own divine standards.

Maybe God was thinking (partly): Jacob, I was able to work with.

Again, I'm not after theological implications of all this, but I will point out these are precisely the kinds of questions I think we should most avoid drawing firm conclusions about. In either case, it's the same for us, here & now.

Practically, we should just do our 'best' to make a way for the Water. (Amen?)

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