May 21, 2010

Fear not the "Fifth Gospel"

On the subject of reconstructing a narrative of Jesus' life, based on the Gospels, one undying refrain of theologians is their concern that it might drown out the individual voices of the four cannonical Gospels as we have them currently. To that concern, I said this, elsewhere, not so long ago:
Did Tacitus’ voice get drowned out because of scholars like Ronald Syme? Was Josephus’ voice drowned out by Emil Schurer, or by anyone since?

Well then, how much less are we capable of diminishing the Gospels, for whom they are the very words of Life?
Some bloggers are better than others about responding to comments. That's understandable. Still, if anyone here feels like responding, the question stands.

Do we, as Christian believers, really not trust ourselves to reconstruct Christ's Life in Historical narrative form... because we somehow don't trust ourselves to remember that the scripture will always hold first place?


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