May 7, 2010

Why should I keep blogging?

Seriously. What would you like to read?


J. L. Watts said...

um... A series on the Psalms perhaps?

Ben Byerly said...

I've been very happy with the kinds of posts you have been writing: Acts, Early Christianity, etc. I read every one.

mike fox said...

I read most of your stuff, but I'm an OT guy who doesn't always have anything groundbreaking to add.


Hey Bill!
I thought of you a couple of weeks ago, but I lost your url out of my favorites. "Prime Time America" the Moody Bible Inst radio news digest, had John Dickson from Australia's Center for Public Christianity. Of their week long interviews, the final was the most interesting. He spoke of the pre-eminent Aussie NT scholar (I forget the name) studying the history of humility. It seems, in the ancient world, humility toward a lord or Caesar was correct because they had your life in their hands, but humility before a lesser or equal was scandalous, until the cross of Christ. They argue that the value of humility began in the 1st century. Before that was only humiliation.

I think that today the value of humility is largely lost anyhow. I think of the the guys at work, Christian and not, and braggodocio is the value of the 21st c.

Anonymous said...

Please continue on your reconstruction project. Your post have been "very" helpful to a lot of us. We appreciate your work.

Bill Heroman said...

Thanks for the encouragement, everyone. I may be headed for a blogging break, but if so, it will probably only happen so I can get *more* work done. Not less.

We shall see...

Believer said...

When Paul speaks of the giving Macedonian churches in II Cor 8,is the church in Thessolonica the one he is speaking specifically about?


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