November 22, 2010

Gosh-darn conservative Jesus scholars!

You who argue so diligently that content in the Gospels is or may be reliable - since you affirm historicity, why don't you write history?

You almost tempt me to become as skeptical as you all.


Urdu Shayari said...
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Awesome hanging out with you at SBL. I don't know about the label "conservative" and whether it applies to me, but I'd say most people would think me in that range. So, history of Yeshua's life is what I write about. And for me the key word in history is story (I don't mean by that fiction, but a storied epistemology since story is how we know everything).

Derek Leman

Bill Heroman said...

It's the traditional resistance to producing reconstructions based on the gospel - what they fear would be a "fifth gospel". That's what bothers me, mainly. Largely, we just defend our own presuppositions, and then quit.

That's not history. Now, sometimes we get a bit of speculative embellishment on pieces of the Gospels... but that's still not the same as historical reconstruction.

(Un?)fortunately, I haven't read more than a page or two of your book yet, so I wasn't referring to you. :-)

I meant the HJ folks, mainly.

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