March 3, 2011

Home from Waco

where Richard Bauckham's lecture this morning (audio) just about made my year.  Alas, no time to report at the moment, but yes, the audio has been posted on Baylor's website.  No video yet.  The whole series can be found here, if you scroll down.

Tonight I've got chores to do, papers to grade, and family to be with.  Plus, this weekend is the regional SBL (SWCRS).  Hopefully, I'll post something on the Waco lectures some time next week.  (By the way, they were WONDERFUL!)

Oh, yeah.  I also got picked up several times in the Carnival this month.  That Matthew Crowe is okay in my book.  I don't care what Rodney says!  ;-)


Matthew Crowe said...

It's good to be liked... ;-)

Rod said...

Would you like to add something to the conversation? My threads remain open. :-)

and it was J K Gayle who said it first.

Bill Heroman said...

Matthew - indeed.

Rod - I did comment, under Kurk's original comment. But I'm just kidding with you here.

Of course, Rodney, you or Kurk could always sign up to host a carnival. Light the candle, brother. Yaknowhutimean?

Rod said...


I think I will wait until the Patristics carnival to make a comeback first. That is much more my interest.

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