April 17, 2011

Life these days...

has been very eclectic.  By which I mean insanely busy.  I've been working at three different schools, two of which I teach at.  On Mondays and Wednesdays, I've been teaching individualized Latin (elementary level) to 7th thru 12th graders at the Flint Academy.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, to the same group at Flint, it's been 20th century History.  Both have been really fun, actually, but I sometimes miss teaching Math.

Since this delightfully unique private school only goes four days a week, I substitute Fridays at various public High Schools, especially Seguin, where I've also been tutoring Geometry and TAKS-prep for the last dozen Saturdays.  It's a blessing to enjoy both schools so much, though for different reasons.  As long as the Texas budget crisis keeps up, I'll probably keep on splitting my time.  But if/when Seguin offers a contract, I may have a difficult choice to make.  Time will tell.

Outside school hours, in recent weeks, I've also become interim manager for a friend's Dance Company, where my daughter also takes nearly twelve hours of classes a week.  The business side is in my blood, the operations are familiar because it's organized educationally, and there's tremendous potential for positive growth (in more ways than one).  I see my wife as much there now as I do here because, suddenly, the violin-playing long-distance running boy has decided to take up ballet also.  Didn't see that coming, but hey, football players do it all the time.  He may try out at receiver for Jr High ball, too.

Busy and busier, but it's all good for now.  Nothing to report on the renewed church meetings around here.  I've missed several for busyness, and made one that my FB friends heard about.  Believe me, when/if there's any news worth calling news, I'll report it.  Until then, assume it's just a dozen saints sitting around singing a few songs and gabbing about stuff.  I'm not saying that's all it is on a given night, necessarily, but you can go ahead and assume that, if you want to, I guess.  ;-)

Someday, something more, somewhere... somehow.  Sigh.

Meanwhile, this weekend my loving wife's wonderful parents just had their 50th wedding anniversary, and I don't think I've ever danced more hours in one night, or had more fun.  So we had that go well for us all, which was nice.  :-)

In all this, I found about one hour yesterday to work on some posts (on the most arresting words NOT in Romans, and also on the church in Corinth) that may actually go up by this weekend.  Stay tuned for those, hopefully.

The quest here continues as always.  It just may go in spurts for a while.

. . . . .

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