March 11, 2012

New Pages (links)

I'm planning to add a few more content tabs above. Here's the first two, tonight:

Gospel History is an old post with slight revisions that I'm elevating to headliner status. It's my four point suggestion for scripture based historiography, one that pretty well sums up as positively as I can all the best reasons for doing what I (attempt to) do here, and why I'll continue to call upon NT scholars to attempt doing it also.

Simple Christianity is a succinct manifesto I wrote over a year ago that can fit on one 8.5 x 11 sheet, if printed front to back. The first half is meant to encourage individual believer in a spiritual way and the second half is meant to encourage small church groups in a practical way. All of it is meant to be encouraging. 

The primary strategy I have in mind for this small leaflet is to pass it out anywhere, with or without a return address. The secondary idea is that 1,000 handouts might produce 20 return contacts, of which a handful might manage to form long term connections - perhaps with each other, if not altogether. Now, I wish I could tell you that I've tried it successfully here but I haven't felt the right timing or impetus. (A part of me is ashamed to admit that, and a part of me isn't. Let the reader understand.) However, my delay/failure (?) is no reason to keep this new page in the draft bin forever. Maybe someone else will find just the right moment and audience for this small bit of icebreaking. If it helps you or someone you know, I would love to hear back, later, about your experiences.

Thanks for reading, and for praying and for seeking the Lord. I hope you find Him in the Saints.

By the way, as I tweeted earlier I leased four apartments today, which makes me feel even more confidently like this new job is going to work out well enough, long term. That takes a load off, and hopefully translates into more progress on some of these long term projects. Time will tell.

Check for more news and updates in the days/weeks to come.

The Lord is Risen. The Lord is Risen indeed. Allelulia.


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