May 12, 2012

A Classics Bazinga!

In the back of A.H.M. Jones' brief survey on Augustus, among other notes, there appears this bibliographical synopsis. Note especially the last four words (emphasis mine):
The reign of Augustus is very thoroughly covered in the Cambridge Ancient History, vol. X ... Chapters I-IV (W.W.Tarn and M.P. Charlesworth) treat the period 44-30 BC; V-VI (H.Stuart Jones) the constitution; VII-VIII (G.H.Stevenson) the administration and the army; IX (J.G.C. Anderson) the Eastern frontier; X (H.I. Bell) Egypt; XI (A.D. Momigliano) Judaea; XII (R.Syme) the Northern frontiers; XIII (F.Oertel) economic developments; XIV (H. Last) social policy; XV (A.D. Nock) religion; XVI (T.R Glover) literature; XVII (E. Strong) art. There is a final summary by F.E Adcock (XVIII). As might be expected from the authors this is all sound stuff, some of it interesting.

Btw, the CAH X is indeed a sound introduction, and much better for beginners than the Second Edition (1996) which is not a revision but contains totally new material. Also "solid stuff" of course, some of it helpful.
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