December 28, 2015

The Inevitability of Integration

Michael Pahl has written a real gem on his blog, about Jesuses in the New Testament. More than most Pastor/Scholar types, Michael has a real gift for maintaining a high level of intellectual rigor *and* a sharp focus on spiritual depth. So when I say I am thrilled by 99% of what he just said in this post, I mean that sincerely as high praise. But obviously, it's that last 1% that I'm blogging about here.

Tell you what... ***Spoilers!***

Read my critique first, before you read his post at this link: After that, please add your voice. The more, the Jesuses-ier.

This is what I said to Michael tonight, on Facebook:

Ok, Michael, I'm 100% with you except for one phrase in your last paragraph. I agree we oppose "harmonizing". I agree we need multiple perspectives. I suppose I can even agree with not "blurring", but if by that last word you also mean that we must not blend or combine or integrate at all... 

Then to which Jesus do you pray?

Do you take turns? Do you pray to Luke's Jesus on Thursdays? Do you pray to your own imagined Jesus? Or do you pray to "the real Jesus"? And if the latter, then how does He relate to these others? 

Have you not, inevitably, in your mind, built your view of Jesus from all of these views?

I think you have. And I think that's good. I think we must *both* keep in mind the distinct perspectives of scripture *and* blend (if not "blur") aspects of those into an integrated view. To even think about "Jesus", we cannot possibly do anything else!

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