July 11, 2008

Keep At It, Y'all

The Society of Biblical Literature always seemed like an odd mix to me in years past. My first college degree was a "BS" in Literature - actually a "B.A." - that's an old English Major joke. And it's just as old of a joke for Biblical Studies scholars to point out their field has the same initials. So the first time I scanned the topics of the SBL convention sessions I was pretty sure I saw both kinds of BS - in spades. But now after wading into the 'biblio-blog-o-sphere' a bit, reading a LOT more and interviewing some seminary people I'm starting to get the lay of the land a little bit better. And in at least one way, I can tell I was right from the start. It's a mix. That said, here's one awesome quote from a PhD student blogging from the International SBL in Aukland, NZ:

"...the kinds of differences in wording between gospel accounts could not be the result of copying errors, but could quite easily be the result of oral transmission..."


"...Jesus may well have used some of the techniques employed by rabbis to transmit oral tradition to train his disciples to pass on his teachings... "

Those are the parts I like, anyway. They're also the parts my longtime readers should appreciate the most. But folks who want details should see Judy's whole post, here.

Keep at it, Biblio-Scholars. It's always good to know at least some of y'all are doing some really good work! ;)

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