February 23, 2009

What is "Scriptural" in Ecclesiology?

It seems to me, debating whether certain scriptures are "descriptive" or "prescriptive" is really just a fancy way of saying "we don't want to do church like the early christians did." So, okay. That's totally fine and I don't believe God ever said we had to. But isn't it basically begging the question to put all that formal structure around the whole thing? Why not just fess up and come clean about the fact that dismissing whatever we deem "descriptive" usually boils down to pure preference? I mean, really, doesn't it?

I have always believed we are all free to follow whatever liturgy we like AND I'll say again that I have yet to lay eyes on any expression of Christ's body on Earth that was founded and gathers in perfect harmony with the most prevalent New Testament patterns. That said, we should also naturally want to be as much like the early christians as possible. Shouldn't we? With all my heart, I say yes. But you know, whatever. ;)

Whatever we do, be it unto the Lord, but defending aspects of what is or isn't "prescribed" usually amounts to proof texting our own ways of doing things. Since Lent starts Wednesday, let's all give that up forever. Who's with me?


Chris Jefferies said...

At the risk of posting too many comments on your list, Bill - I have to say 'I'm with you'! I need to let all my stuff go so that all that remains is His stuff. It would be good if I could...

Bill Heroman said...

Thanks, Chris. Drop "whatever" you can. It'll be good for us all. :)

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