March 6, 2009


My twin brother Lou is picking me up tomorrow for the Southwestern Regional SBL (SWCRS) conference. Several of the New Testament papers being presented look interesting and there are a veritable plethora of Texas schools represented in the sessions altogether. If I meet a few new people, make a few new contacts, learn something at every session, and listen ten times as much as I talk, it'll be a successful weekend for me.

This will be my first conference with wall to wall biblical scholars. Playing it cool has never been my strongest suit, so we'll see how that goes. ;) But I know the reason I'm going is to find out what this meeting is actually like and how SBL folks interact in person. I've got a lot to learn, and a few precious (still secret) ideas that will keep until due time. My purpose in going to SBL is the same as my purpose in the biblical studies blog-o-sphere for the past year. I've got to learn how to at least speak the lingo if I'm ever going to have the impact I'm hoping to.

As a non-native Scholarese speaker, this weekend will be my first 'total immersion' experience. Old friends, pray for me! :) But I can tell you one thing - I feel a lot better prepared going in thanks to ten months of reading biblioblogs. That's for sure.

More as the weekend goes on...

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Anonymous said...

We'll have some fun tomorrow. I'll see you in the morning.

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