March 8, 2009


Yesterday, based on some famous advice, I skipped in and out of sessions trying to get to the papers that looked most interesting, and that was great... but I started to feel the downside socially. At least, I noticed groups of people sticking with one section all day. So today I'm planning to stay in one of the SBL New Testament sessions all morning in the interest of meeting people and learning who's who.

Neither "Pauline Interpretation" or "The Gospel of Matthew" looks as interesting to me as the ASOR section doing archaeology of Roman Judea - but I figure I can look that stuff up down the line. This weekend I'm here to meet people and learn what "SBL" is like. The section on Matthew has some local TCU professors and one from LSU that I've heard of but never met. So that group's my huckleberry today. I'm sure I'll learn some good stuff in there too. ;)

More later...

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