March 6, 2009

on Dating Jesus' Birth

From time to time, I'm going to start posting Archive Teasers, aka self-quotes from old posts I'd still like to get feedback on. Maybe fresh eyes or thoughts will catch hold this time. Besides, I still think this just makes a really strong point, even if it won't sell lots of DVD's at Christmastime. ;)
"Historically speaking, the question of how, when and why hundreds or thousands of Roman soldiers were mobilized in Herod’s territory is infinitely more significant than the question of what esoteric particulars inspired the mobilization of a few wealthy, knowledge obsessed [stargazers]."

--from Which Star of Bethlehem?, 12-26-08

Feel free to comment here OR there. And thanks for being tease-able. ;)

UPDATE: Wow! Someone just told me this sounded agnostic! Let me be clear - I absolutely believe the three magi visited Jesus. I just don't think that guessing which "signs in the heavens" they followed is a great foundation for NT chronology. We should focus on dating the census first and then figure out how the 'wise men' fit in. Hope that helps, folks. :)

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