November 8, 2009

What is "Pre-Chronology"?

In titling my post early this morning, I was thinking like a Math Teacher. In my mind, Pre-Chronology was supposed to communicate something akin to Pre-Algebra and Pre-Calculus - in other words, the foundational prerequisites to chronological study. Unfortunately, I have just learned that the term is already in slight use as something more akin to Pre-History. That's obviously very different than what I had in mind.

Therefore, the post formerly titled "Pre-Chronology for (beginning a) Faith-Based Historical Study of Gospel Events" (which had initially posted as the even worse "pre-chronology for chronological study") has been renamed. Please forgive my mathy-ness, and please have a re-read of the post, now labeled "Foundations for 'Gospel Chronology'".

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