November 16, 2009

N'awlins Schedule

In less than 48 hours, I'll be making my first trip to the Annual Biblical Studies ScholarPalooza. I'll be in N.O. for seven days and then B.R. for two, eating Turkey. At the conference(s), my main goal is to be a fly on the wall at all major events related to NT and Historical topics, to understand better how and why the various species of Biblical Scholars interact the ways they do in their scholarship.

Of course the highlight by far will be meeting online friends for the first time in real life. That never gets old. For old friends and Blog friends on Facebook, my cell #'s on my FB profile. For others, send an e-mail or look for me in the halls. If we've never met in person, here's a large pic of me in a tie! Laissez les bon temps rouler!


Eric said...

Enjoy the get2gether, brother, learn a lot, meet many, get inspired and give them what you've got. May the Lord bless you!

Anonymous said...

You look like someone I met before:)


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