November 23, 2009

N'awlins Day 6

Things I learned today, at the Big Bible Rodeo:

The Tchoupitoulis Omelet at the Sheraton is abso-food-ly divine.

The SBL website has a page on the Bible and Public Schools Initiative that I really wish my local districts would get into. I could definitely get into that.

Michael Halcomb is a snazzy dresser from head to toe.

After almost a week, it's difficult to walk through the hotels without at least saying hi to several people I've spoken with already during the conference(s).

Ken Brown and John Hobbins are nearly always smiling.

The difference between male scholars and female scholars is that male scholars tend to gesticulate more aggressively during personal conversations.

James McGrath has an incredible amount of energy.

I am really super impressed by Classical Historians. Just being in the same room with Tessa Rajak, Helen Bond and Erich Gruen (at the Hellenistic Judaism section) was the most humbling experience of the entire week.

Neil Carter still laughs at all my dumb old jokes like they're new ones.

Jesus loves me even if my chronology's wrong. ;-)

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