March 3, 2010

Go, Go, Google Books!

Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt lists four reasons why authors, agents and publishers should get behind the Google Book Search program:
1. Google Book Search creates greater book awareness...
2. The biggest problem authors face today is obscurity not piracy...
3. Most people have no desire to read a book on their computer...
4. Google only allows users to preview 20 percent of a book's content...
Check Michael's blog for his expanded thoughts, and the story behind his new position on this. I also notice he didn't say local bookstores should like these reasons. Oh, well. This brave new economy may continue to get worse before it gets better, but I'm all for it.

I'm also keen to explore the benefits of self publishing through a subsidy publishing operation like Nelson's Westbow Press. Just as soon as I decide what to publish! (More on that sometime soon...)

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