February 26, 2011

Confession of the Month

With some trepidation, I quote my 11 year old, from his blog (to which I shall not link):
"Last night I had a wonderful time singing and listening to the brothers and sisters of the house church I have recently begun to re-experience since my early childhood. I think that it's amazing to sing together and be with the lord, and that there is no one better to do it with than the people I grew up around for my four year old, to six year old life. I am thrilled to be able to spend time with them again and to sing in the lords name!
Reports of her demise had always been somewhat exaggerated. Resurrection may be a bit premature, even now. But this boy, he may not let me out of it this time. And that might be a God thing.

It's a gift to see one still so simple.

Come what may...


Bo Heroman said...

Thank you so much Dad. You are the best anyone could ask for. I loved what you said today. Thanks. Love ya!

Bill Heroman said...

Ain't he something, folks?

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