May 3, 2015

Heroic History, 7 -- Remembering Life Stories

My ongoing series on Heroic History has attempted to compare the mnemonic advantages of classically structured narratives (which feature Plot) against the mnemonic advantages of biographically structured narratives (which feature Character). This seventh entry in that series was intended to explain the mnemonics of biographical story structure, but my developing explanation gradually expanded far beyond the length of a single blog post. In addition to length and complexity, I have postponed the work several times, simply to spend time keeping up with the exciting scholarly conversations currently happening around Jesus and Memory studies. The work does continue, as I promise to give my three inch stack of notes all my academic attention for a few months out of each year, until it is all completed. At any rate, you have arrived at what was supposed to be post number seven. What appears here, instead, is a running log of a new series-within-a-series, entitled Remembering Life Stories.

Coming soon, look for the following entries (links to be added, when available):

Remembering Life Stories, 1 - Character Development (Introduction) (posted 5/3/15)
Remembering Life Stories, 2 - Temporal Content (posted 6/14/15)
Remembering Life Stories, 3 - Biographical Temporality (posted 7/4/15)
Remembering Life Stories, 4 - Familiar Serial Patterns & Cognitive Chunking (posted 4/8/2016)
Remembering Life Stories, 5 - Biographical Expertise (posted 4/24/16)
Remembering Life Stories, 6 - Narrative Redundancy (posted 5/8/2016)
Remembering Life Stories, 7 - Biographical Redundancy (posted 4/2/2017)
Remembering Life Stories, 8 - Teleological Development
Remembering Life Stories, 9 - Modeling Story Compression
Remembering Life Stories, 10 - Summary & Conclusion

These ten posts collectively provide an extensively detailed version of the basic concepts I had intended to convey with Heroic History post #7.

Whenever this series (RLS) finally wraps up, I intend to complete Heroic History parts 8, 9 and 10, and after that I'll finally begin on the two follow up series which I promised recently. Unless Jesus comes back, calls me home, or wins me the lottery, progress should continue incrementally.

Please do check back every so often...

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