March 25, 2018

Progress Update

Tonight I have updated my page on Time in Memory with new links to relevant posts from the past twelve months, and with better synopses for "Series Three" and "Series Four" in case I never get to finish. I am also making progress in writing my Master's Thesis on Matthew 2:22, which takes up almost all my project time these days. As far as regular blogging goes, I should find time to share something fresh here at least once a month. It's cathartic enough, and I know many of you still enjoy reading my posts.

If anyone finds that winning lotto ticket I dropped, or wants to send my name to a wealthy sponsor, I'd be more than delighted to work full time on all these projects, and to make progress more quickly. For the record, I'm still working my day job over 55 hours a week. Some nights I read. Some nights I write. Some nights I play computer chess badly, letting my mind percolate in the background. There is so much I need to produce, and I have so few decades left here to do it.

Eventually, my ultimate academic goal is still to produce application six. God willing (and I keep driving safely), I might perhaps live long enough to do it. But when that first century chronicle is finally done -- apart, perhaps, from one or two secret projects I would like to pursue afterward -- I will be satisfied and ready to rest with my spiritual forebearers. I hope my eventual body of writing (both the raw blogging and the increasingly passable efforts toward academia) will gradually help storify the world of the first century for readers of the New Testament. Dear reader, I hereby send all my love to you, if you care deeply about that.


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