December 18, 2008

Wallace on Hoehner

Classical Historians routinely cite - nay, praise - Harold Hoehner for his major 1972 work on Herod Antipas, and they do it without so much as batting an eye over his strong evangelical beliefs. How can skeptical Historians show so much respect for a champion of Fundamentalist Dispensationalism who hails from Texas!?! It's simple. The man is goooood. As in 2nd PhD from Cambridge good. As in tacking a 170 page reference section onto the tail end of a 270 page scholarly book, good. As in few scholars outdo his level of rigor in scholarship, good. And certainly as in, "Here is a giant whose academic shoulders are very well worth standing on" good.

For more illustrations of Hoehner's exacting scholarship on NT History and Chronology, and some personal stories, have a look at what Dan Wallace posted today - evidently one of multiple celebrations in honor of the professor's eventual or impending retirement. I may disagree with several of Hoehner's points, in small and large ways, but I feel I owe the man a great debt. If I'm lucky enough to meet Dr. Hoehner before long, the first thing I ought to do is thank him profusely.

We need more Christian Historians like Harold Hoehner. God help me, I won't be one of them. But I'm keeping my eyes out for whoever is...


Anonymous said...

Hoehner died this morning. A friend relayed to me "He collapsed this morning after his run and was not able to be revived." I had him as prof the past few years and am shocked. He was such a gentle man. Knew his stuff well and taught history with its intrigue and multiple factors of influence (e.g., Pontius Pilot). His publications were a reflection of his classes: good and thorough. He'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

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