December 4, 2008

Some Readers' Favorites

Of all the writing I've done this year, the poem I wrote this week was one of the two pieces I remember my wife, Sarah, saying she really liked a lot. Since the other one was a short story, and since I'm certain *many* of my regular readers will no doubt share Sarah's impeccably finer literary style... Here's a list of four Short-Short Stories and three Poems that have made entire *handfulls* of people say to their author, "Wow, that was really good." Okay, okay. A few just said these were "pretty good". ;)

Stories: Saying Goodbye, The Damascus Story, Knowing the Lord, Sunrise in Thessalonica

Poems: Life Spent Preparing, My Spirit, Completely Different

Btw, in case anyone's curious: these were written in '97, '03, '05, '06, and '08. Five of the seven came here in Texas. I wrote "My Spirit" in Grant Park (Atlanta, GA) and "Saying Goodbye" in Orange Park (Jax, FL). The one about "Driving the Car" is still the most linked to post of mine ever, I think. Over the years, I've (re-)written [the lyrics of] a few well known songs for house church meetings, too, but I never blogged any of the good ones. Maybe some other time...

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