May 28, 2009

VII, XII - You Know, Whatever it Takes

HAHA! Michael Barber was impressed by my Dictionary modification, but a little offended by my marks on the Loeb spines. Well. While I'm thrilled at the extra attention - and flattered that Michael wants to round up an international academic posse to keep my magic markers off something called "4Q521", which I will now fail to pretend to know anything about - I must beg to differ.

I don't have enough extra brain space to memorize whether the Loeb Volume VII on Josephus is Antiquities Book 17 or 18... let alone whether Antiquities Book 18 stops at 4 BC or 6 AD. And I don't want to flip through the TOC every time I need to check a reference. In fact, on checking it now, I see that it's volume XII that contains Book 18 which begins with events of 6 AD. Hunh. At least those numbers got into the brain pan together. But see, Michael? That's why I write on the spines!


1 comment:

Michael Barber said...

HAHAHA! Okay... I have to admit your logic here makes some sense!

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