June 7, 2009

A New Take on John 21 (Preface)

Yesterday I posted that I'm now working non-stop on an upcoming book. But last week I finished something just as exciting (to me) and it's scheduled to post here as an eleven-part blog series, starting tomorrow. If you ever liked anything I've written about before, you're gonna love this. Some parts are beautiful, some parts are technical, but the overall subject is something I hope every friend, reader and biblioblogger who's out there will come back to read, over the next two weeks.

Millions of christians have heard more than one preacher offer a certain explanation for the agape/phileo conversation between Peter & Jesus. I never bought that explanation, but twelve years ago, while I was reading Johnston Cheney's work, The Greatest Story, I discovered a broader context for what I believe is a better take on John 21. In short, if every word of Luke 24 is historical and accurate, then it's not about John 18. IMHO, it has a lot more to do with Jesus looking forward to Acts 2. (At least, that's one way of putting it.)

My review of the full context of Peter's relationship to Jesus, after Golgotha & Calvary, begins tomorrow. Please DO come back... and tell your friends.

I think you're all going to like this.

Series Update:
A New Take on John 21
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