June 19, 2009

John 21 - Any Feedback?

My blogging philos Peter Kirk really proved his agape for me by posting today about my series on John 21. I actually couldn't have paid him to write a better summary and recommendation. Even better, Peter closes by asking "Does anyone have any constructive, or other, criticism of this proposal?" I dearly hope so, in both cases.

I should also say I have no problem with Peter's argument in his first paragraph. Whether the key six lines were spoken in Greek or "crafted into its surviving Greek form by John", I still think we're supposed to take the view I've presented. I tried to make that clear before the series, but Peter said it very well and I thank him again. Either way, here's the series links:

A New Take on John 21
preface 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 summary

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