August 19, 2009

Jesus' 12 Bodyguards

In Luke's Gospel, Jesus almost gets thrown off a cliff. Two cities later, he's recruiting Simon Peter in Bethsaida. Shortly after that, he's expanding the push for disciples.

In the blended chronology of Gospel events, his disciples leave him alone after Samaria. Maybe they just needed to go back to earning an income or maybe Jesus' kindness to the woman at the well was too radical for them at that point. Probably it was a bit of both. Either way, that summer/autumn, when Jesus travels alone, is when he almost gets killed in his hometown.

Six to nine months after that dangerous day, Jesus has finally finished re-re-recruiting his twelve apostles. So when he goes back to Nazareth, roughly a year after his previous visit, he's not only become even more famous. He's also got an entourage.

Smart man, that Jesus.

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