August 9, 2009

Dealing with Nazareth - 6.1

I modified a phrase from my last post because it felt incomplete. Find the italics below:
Without elaborating, or inventing fantastic ideas, there is simply no other suggestion worth making as to the content of Jesus’ input to their discussions. The heart of the Jewish faith is Yahweh and his desires concerning people. If a twelve year old had simply been very intelligent, it would not have been so abnormal. Therefore, for a collection of teachers to be so impressed with his questions and answers, Jesus had to be zeroing in on each point as it related to the Main Point(s). This also suggests he did not necessarily have all the answers, yet, but he had the right perspective. Evidently.
I've been reflecting on that paragraph for the past two days because it's obviously a very strong statement, and technically based on an interpretation, but it is an historical interpretation instead of a theological one and I happen to think it's a pretty good one. :-)

I'm going to stand by the statement. However, since its best support is the earlier point from that post ("we are left with only 'the Father'.") I will also acknowledge that the strength of the argument proceeding from here rests essentially on that single point. As I said, it's no large stretch to me. In fact, evidence considered in forthcoming posts should reconfirm the interpretation above. (Yes, without theological impetus.)

I also want to acknowledge that I was very encouraged recently by this brief review at the Lacus Curtius & Livius blog of Meier's 4th volume, on Jesus and the Law. At times, these days, I am positively dying to get that book. But I have not yet laid hands or eyes on its pages. FWIW.

To be continued...

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