September 11, 2009

Brushing Up

A local professor is letting me audit his Greek course this semester and we're using the same ATHENAZE textbook from Oxford I used 15 years ago. The updated edition includes some things about accents that I didn't pick up before, which is nice. I'm also starting to remember things about that professor's style and course requirements that partly explain the gaps in what I retained. (True disclosure: first semester A, second semester B. Ouch.)

Sometimes a little knowledge can be just enough, but a little too much can be dangerous. I'll just have to balance Jona Lendering's reminder today about qualification with Coach Wooden's (again): "Do not let what you cannot do prevent you from doing what you can." And this, above my desk, from Samuel Johnson's Preface: [paragraph 93] "A whole life cannot be spent upon syntax and etymology, and even a whole life would not be sufficient. He whose design includes whatever language can express must often speak of what he does not understand."

Always gotta draw the line somewhere. And yet, there is much to be done. Once more, into the breach...


Anonymous said...


Dave Black said...

Pulling for you!

Bill Heroman said...

Lou, thanks for the encouragement as always.

Brother Dave, I'm flattered you've noticed, and honored by your comment. Thanks very much.

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