September 7, 2009

My Royal "We" a teacher's "we". Just to be clear. I'm on sabbatical this year to finish my book, but I have been for nine years previously a High School Math Teacher. Historical analysis is like a Geometry Proof to me, and a traditional teacher stands at the chalkboard and includes the students in his demonstrative thinking. Alright, Class, first we start with a given...

Far more importantly, I am really hoping more people will chime in and jump in like Peter Kirk has been doing. If I was savvy, I'd publish all this myself someday in a large book called Jesus In Nazareth. It'd sell a million copies and I'd be famous (although not necessarily rich, given the typical publishing model). That'd be great, but the truth is I'm blogging it all because I really do need the audience, input and feedback to sharpen my focus.

Besides that, a really big problem usually needs more than one head to solve it. Besides that, this really belongs to us all. Unless I do get that contract, then alllll the money belongs to my wife! ;-)

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