September 17, 2009

Capernaum & Conversations on Old Posts

Someday I'll do an entire post on why Jesus moved to Capernaum from Nazareth, and why he must have taken Mary and the boys along with him [and Joseph too, a year or so before his death]. Until then, it's pretty much all in the comments below this related post of a month ago, in a conversation which got refreshed a bit, today. (H/T Peter Kirk) So check it out if you're interested, and chime in if you like.

I love when old posts get comments, like this one, also today. So if I ever said anything you had to think about for a while, but forgot to come back and post on, try the search bar and lend me your here, here's. Even better, argue. I love a good argument. Losing one is rare, I admit. ;-) But I love being wrong twice as much as I love being right. Seriously, just imagine what ignorance you might be able to save me from today! :-)

Good feeback is critical. Critical feedback is best. The comment link is standing by...

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