April 8, 2010

Don't you dare EVER defend me!

An old friend from The Baird School (and I'm not saying who!) was upset with me once because I didn't "defend" his honor online, when he was being criticized. Apparently, he gets this from other folks too, because it's come up a few times since then. Well, "Friend Victim", listen carefully.

The brother who badmouths you may be Jesus' friend. And you are Jesus' friend. And I am Jesus' friend. Jesus called the disciples *His* friends. But despite that, you want me to choose which of Jesus' friends to consider *my* friends? And then you want me to defend one of the Lord's friends by attacking another one of His friends?

Really, Friend Victim? Really?

We agree on this fact, that the single most defining characteristic of friendship is loyalty. Of course, the same thing *ought* to be true for family. Now, friendship is a choice, but you know we get our family members straight from the hand of God. So again, "friend", you want me to be more of a friend to some brothers than I am to others?

Really, Friend Victim? Really?

If someone bad mouths our Jesus, I will absolutely speak up. But you, "friend", are not *my* friend to defend. Vengeance is the Lord's.

So, "Friend Victim", let's say someone insults you tomorrow. What will it be about? Should I let your reputation be more important than that which you've been working towards? Will adjusting the record for accuracy, with respect to your honor, really be more vital to our mission than it will be to keep myself in conversation with the one who persists in their error?

Really, Friend Victim? Really?

In your line of work, brother, you'd better catch on quick to this one idea. The message is more important than the messenger. I may at times defend that which you do, or that which you've said - to the extent that what you've done and said is worthy of being defended. But you yourself? Really? Really, F.V.?

Excuse me. That would be counterproductive, wasteful and probably ineffective to boot.

Don't forget what really matters here, brother. And one more thing. As I told you before. Please.

Get over your self.

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