April 13, 2010

iPad vs. Kindle

You gotta love Michael Hyatt. As a publishing CEO, he should be on Steve Jobs' side. Maybe that sneaks out just a bit in his blog post today, but overall Michael gives Amazon his ringing endorsement by offering several reasons why he thinks the Kindle still beats the iPad for e-reading. On top of that, he compares the iPad to the Segway - beautifully.
"There are just not that many times when you need to go faster than your feet will carry you or slower than your car can take you."
It seems like a very fitting analogy. But then what do I know? I still haven't tried either one. [I haven't ridden a Segway yet, either.] But - for better or worse - the first one I expect to try, at this point, looks like it's going to be Amazon's Kindle. [sigh] Someday.

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