May 2, 2010

Fresh Ideas for Free: #2

If Joseph's fear of taking Jesus into Archelaus' Judea didn't abate until the Herodian Ethnarch was exiled in mid-6 AD, then Matthew 2:22 would explain Luke 2:42, meaning that Jesus' twelfth birthday fell somewhere within the twelve months before Passover of 7 AD. In turn, this means Jesus was most likely born between April of 7 BC and March of 6 BC - a timespan which has a lot else to recommend it as the proper window within which to date Jesus' birth.

I've said this before. I just felt like saying it again.

If anyone wants to investigate further, and publish something along these lines, I'd love to collaborate. I'll also happily settle for a footnote. Just read the rest, please.


Anonymous said...

I will make sure I give credit where it's due. However, you have to wait until I write my commentary on the Gospels.


Bill Heroman said...

I'm looking greatly forward to that, brother. :-)

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