September 11, 2010


Firstly, the Movement of God series will post M,W,F for two weeks, and then two or three times a week after that.  Somehow my outline keeps expanding. (!)  There's a lot yet to come, and the series should continue for several months, God willing.  I know many of you are enjoying it greatly, and hopefully we're all being challenged, as well.  I'll look forward to more tremendous conversation, as it all keeps unfolding.

In other posting to come, the Gordon Wood excerpts on the practice of History (historiography) will also continue to post once a week, around mid-week, until they're done.  If you've not guessed yet, I really really really like this book.  And if you've been at all stimulated by these posts, you should pick up a copy.

An top of all that, in case you're looking for more, there are still 90 unfinished posts in my drafts folder, all of them on the kinds of topics you've come to expect around here.  Beyond those, I'm sure there'll be lots of surprises, as well.  Like last night's post, for example, which probably explains, about as well as anything I've ever written here, why it is that I blog.

I may or may not post daily as we head towards the thick of this school semester (and by the way, for those waiting to hear, I finally did get that little bump up at the High School, thank you Lord!) and so things might begin to get extra busy around here.

But rest assured, dear readers, there is tons yet to come.

Lord willing...

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